Public Event Service Capacity for Up to 3,200 Attendees 

  • 8hr Events Up to 3,200 Attendees
  • 4hr Events Up to 1,600 Attendees 

Give the People What they Want!

Tell Us About Your Event

Just Watch the Lines at These Events and You'll See...

  • Walnut Wednesdays
  • Edgewater Live
  • Cleveland Flea
  • Public Square
  • Crocker Park
  • Aurora Farms

We've Got Great Insurance Coverage So Don't Age Yourself Prematurely by Worrying

Great American Insurance Company

Policy# PL3305436

General Aggregate Limit (Other than Products-Completed Operations) $ 2,000,000

Products-Completed Operations Aggregate Limit $ 2,000,000

Personal and Advertising Injury Limit $ 1,000,000

General Each Occurrence Limit $ 1,000,000

Damage to Premises Rented to You Limit $ 300,000 Any One Premises

Medical Expense Limit $ 5,000 Any One Person 

Our Certifications

Professional and Easy to Work With: 

We're Certified by the State of Ohio to Serve You Awesome Food

Ohio Department of Health Food Service Operation License No. 9839303

Health inspections are performed regularly by the state health inspector

A copy of our license is displayed on the window of our truck at all times 

If you're ever concerned about the cleanliness of our kitchen you are welcome to come aboard and see for yourself!

Just Give Us a Place to Park! 

We Bring Our Own Power and Water 

  • Our Truck is 25ft long, 9ft wide, and 12ft tall
  • Food service window is on the passenger side
  • Quiet (60db) generator at the rear drivers side 
  • Assume 5 average size parking spaces if the truck is parked sideways

Act insurance

We've Served at Public Events with the Following Government Security and Inspection Protocols:

  • Secret Service (Republican National Convention)
  • FBI (Cleveland City Marathon)

Public Events

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